017: Leanna Guillen Mora | The Language Story of The Creative Mom

 Leanna Guillen Mora is the founder of Multicultural Kid Blogs and Baha'i Mom Blogs. She also blogs about embracing the madness of motherhood at All Done Monkey. She is a stay at home mom to her 4 year old son and his baby brother. She and her husband, who is from Costa Rica, are raising their kids to be bilingual and to be "world citizens". We talk about the Baha'i Faith, her choice of language learning … [Read more...]

016: Brett Parry | “My 4 Years Old Daughter Is A Perfect Translator Between Polish And English”.

Brett Parry is the creator of the podcast - Down Under and Beyond ( a podcast channel providing information and inspiration surrounding everything to do in and around Australia). He is an Australian dad, married to a Polish wife and they have daughter. He is now residing in the United States with his family. We talk about Brett's bilingual story, cultural differences, taking Polish classes so he can … [Read more...]

015: Jonathan Ervine | Father’s Perspective On Language Acquisition

Jonathan Ervine - is the creator of Dad's the way I like it - a website on what it means to be a dad and how dads are represented in the society. He resides in North West Wales with his wife, son and pet chicken. He is also a lecturer of French at Bangor University. He can speak English, Welsh and French, though he is not a native Welsh speaker. We talk about his family language portrait, how he became … [Read more...]

014: Anna Vinogradova | Multicultural Kitchen As A Way To Learn Languages

Anna Vinogradova is the founder of  Multicultural Kitchen ( A blog about food, cultures and languages - the connecting point between Anna and her husband as they love to cook and eat a lot). She is a Russian mom, her husband is Spanish and they raising  their California-born daughter together. Anna is using  One Parent, One Language (OPOL) system. We talk about how she became a bilingual (learning … [Read more...]

013: Becky Morales | Four Cultures Family | They Are Truly Global Citizens

Becky Morales is the creator of Kid World Citizen  - offering activities that help young minds go global. She is an ESL teacher with a passion for multi-language education and traveling around the world. Becky and her husband, Antonio are the proud parents of  four kids - two by adoption (Chinese and Ethiopian descent). Her work has been featured on Scholastic, The US Department of Education, MSN and many … [Read more...]

012: Interview With Olga Mecking | European Mama

Olga Mecking  is the founder of European Mama - a blog that focuses on expat life and raising trilingual children. Olga blogs about her experiences on her site and sometimes contribute articles to other websites as well. She is a Polish mother living in the Netherlands with her German husband and three children. She also works as a  translator and communicator in intercultural communication. We talk … [Read more...]