014: Anna Vinogradova | Multicultural Kitchen As A Way To Learn Languages

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Anna Vinogradova

Anna Vinogradova is the founder of  Multicultural Kitchen ( A blog about food, cultures and languages – the connecting point between Anna and her husband as they love to cook and eat a lot). She is a Russian mom, her husband is Spanish and they raising  their California-born daughter together. Anna is using  One Parent, One Language (OPOL) system.

We talk about how she became a bilingual (learning English at a young age) and her family language portrait. What are her reasons for raising her daughter bilingual, why do they use food as a way to expose their daughter to the different cultures, the challenging thing about raising a bilingual kid and where does she get the support for minority language.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

00:30 Introduction to bilingual parents connect

2:10 Intro to Anna Vinogradova – founder of multicultural kitchen

2:47 Learning about Anna’s bilingual story

5:45 Family language portrait – what language does she speak to her husband

7:25 Anna’s personal reasons for raising her daughter bilingual

9:39 Passing the culture to her daughter through food

12:05 Exposing her daughter to Spanish culture and dancing

14:15 What other cultural features she plans to pass on her daughter

16:10 How strong is her minority language support and community

18:00 Most challenging thing about raising a trilingual child

21:00 Benefits of knowing how to speak several more languages

23:50 Anna’s advice on parents who are looking or already raising a bilingual child

26:17 Closing remarks

Items mentioned in this Episode:

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