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Becky Morales

Becky Morales is the creator of Kid World Citizen  – offering activities that help young minds go global. She is an ESL teacher with a passion for multi-language education and traveling around the world. Becky and her husband, Antonio are the proud parents of  four kids – two by adoption (Chinese and Ethiopian descent). Her work has been featured on Scholastic, The US Department of Education, MSN and many more. She loves connecting with like-minded educators, institutions and parents.

We talk about Becky’s family language portrait, how she manage the cultural differences in their multilingual household, how she speaks to her kids with a non-native language, what cuisine she serves in their multicultural home, does she celebrate all the holidays with her kids and learning language as an adult – is it too late to learn a second one or should it still be pursued at an older age?

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

00:30 Introduction to bilingual parents connect

2:10 Introduction to Becky Morales, founder of Kid World Citizen

3:14 Becky’s family language portrait – what language do they speak to their children

5:45 Minority language at home

8:20 Learning Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English – How does Becky balance language learning between her kids

10:40 Celebrating holidays with her family

13:30 Visiting Ethiopia

13:52 Learn more about adoption policies and nationalities

19:01 Adoption programs in Ukraine

19:56 How Becky started her website – “Kid World Citizen”

23:25 Teaching Spanish to her kids – the challenges of speaking a non-native language to them

25:44 Speaking to babies in native language

27:35 Cultural food in Chinese, Ethiopian and Spanish

30:47 How does Becky’s kids associate themselves? American? Chinese? Ethiopian?

34:53 How to manage all the cultural differences in your multicultural household

40:30 Experience in immersion traveling and future travel plans

42:10 How does she plan to teach her kids literacy: writing and reading

47:23 Learning language as an adult

49:30 Becky’s advice on parents who are looking or already raising a multilingual child

51:12 Hosting an exchange student in your home – exchange dinners and cultures

55:49 Closing remarks

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