016: Brett Parry | “My 4 Years Old Daughter Is A Perfect Translator Between Polish And English”.

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Brett Parry is the creator of the podcast – Down Under and Beyond ( a podcast channel providing information and inspiration surrounding everything to do in and around Australia). He is an Australian dad, married to a Polish wife and they have daughter. He is now residing in the United States with his family.

We talk about Brett’s bilingual story, cultural differences, taking Polish classes so he can teach his daughter, discussing Polish and Russian differences, how his career as a cross cultural coach and trainer happened and the challenges of moving in another country.

In this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock podcast:

00:30 Introduction to bilingual parents connect

2:10 Introduction to Brett Parry – host of the podcast Down Under and Beyond

3:05 Brett’s family bilingual story

4:39 Learning more about Poland and European history

6:26 Reasons for Brett to raise his daughter bilingual

10:10 Taking Polish classes for bilingual parenting

13:26 Knowledge of learning how to speak Polish and when does Brett uses it

16:30 Teaching his daughter how to speak Polish

17:40 Non-native language speaker teaching his kid

25:00 Discussing Polish and Russian differences

26:46 Understanding jokes and sense of humor of different languages

27:47 How his career as  a cross cultural coach and trainer happened

32:00 Discussing traveling and how it changes your view of the world

33:51 Challenges of moving in another country

35:31 Advantages of traveling for your family and being proud of your country

38:11 Learning more about the social side of Poland

40:19 Experiencing being homesick – and the traditions you are used to

43:16 Brett’s advice for parents who are looking/planning to raise a multicultural family

46:54 Closing remarks and where you can contact Brett

 Items mentioned in this episode:

Bilingual Parents Connect

Down Under and Beyond iTunes channel


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