024 : Jim Porter of Speekee on Finding The Right Language Teacher And Raising 2 Bilingual Kids In English And Spanish

Jim Porter is a British who lives in Spain with his wife and two bilingual children. He started teaching English in 1994 after he graduated from university in the UK. It was in 1998 when he founded a tuition agency named Talk Languages, connecting hundreds of language teachers in the London area with thousands of happy clients for private lessons. In 2006, he co-founded Speekee, where children to … [Read more...]

022: Tim Johnson On How Dual Language Books Can Help Learn A New Language

Today's guest is very interesting because it's the first time that we have an author of children's books. You might even have heard about the book - The Adventures of Bosley the Language Bear. The series of the cute bear and his adventures on the different languages. The author of this book is Tim Johnson. Unlike other dual-language books, the Adventures of Bosley Bear are specifically designed with the … [Read more...]

021: Michele Cherie | How Non-Native Speakers Can Raise Their Kids Bilingual

My guest in this podcast episode is Michele Cherie and she's the founder of Intentional Mama. She writes about making purposeful choices for culturally-rich, perfectly paced family life--with a French twist. Michele is a former French teacher who is now dedicated to raising her two children and she's also a non native speaker who speaks French to her daughters. I was very excited to talk to Michele about … [Read more...]

020: Yulia Carson | Great Advice For Expat Families

Yulia Carson is a multicultural trainer and she specializes in working with expat families. She relocated from Moscow, Russia to Chicago, Illinois 14 years ago. She studied History in Cultural Anthropology both in Russia and the USA - this led her to pursue the career. I get a lot of questions from people who email me - How to do, what to do when a family moves abroad and plan to stay at a different … [Read more...]

019: Meet Monica Bravo Granström | Multilingual Mom | Author | Scholar | Chief Editor and Language Activist!

Monica Bravo Granström, (MonicaBG.com) is a Swede living in Germany with her Spanish husband and two multilingual children. Besides of being an academic at the University of Education in Weingarten, she also works voluntary in many ways for multilingualism, e.g. writing for Riksföreningen Sverigekontakt. She is also the Chief Editor of Magasinet SMUL. Monica has written a book, ” I love svenska” (released … [Read more...]

018: Meet Amanda | “Miss Panda Chinese”!

  Amanda Hsiung Blodgett is the founder of Miss Panda Chinese, Miss Panda Chinese helps children everywhere learn Mandarin Chinese in a fun and engaging way by presenting kids songs and stories in Chinese that are easy to learn and fun to listen to. Amanda is a Mandarin Chinese instructor and the mother of two young bilingual children. She is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and a trained Mandarin … [Read more...]