Travelling With Kids | A Part of Vlogging Telephone by Multicultural Kids Blogs

We like to travel as a family. We had all sort of trips: from 1 day long to 5 month long. In terms of language immersion nothing beats a trip to the homeland of your minority language. But local trips can also bring a tremendous value to your child’s language.

Simply because he or she gets unlimited access to you, a provider of a minority language. That’s what I discovered when last summer we took a road trip through 16 states. 8 hours at a time in a car together created a fertile ground for long conversations (in Russian of course!)

So little bit of advice from my own experience – take trips often, even it is a local trip to National Park. It will have positive effect on your child’s minority language (and your relationships as well!)

As I wrote in the title, this post is a part of vlogging telephone, that is organised by Multicultural Kids Blog. What is Vlogging Telephone? It is when like-minded bloggers come together to talk on given topic.

It goes like this: blogger #1 ask blogger #2 a question . Blogger #2 answers this question and asks blogger #3 another question. And so on, until the last blogger in the circle asks blogger #1 her question. All bloggers post their little video answers on their websites and link to the other fellow bloggers. It is a great way to discover new multicultural blogs!

Ashley, from Family On The Loose, asked me a question:

“What’s the coolest bit of unexpected kid “equipment” you’ve brought on a trip? Something you bought or brought that unexpectedly saved the day – could be as small as a paper clip or as big as your luggage.”

In the video below I answered it and then asked my question to Galina from Raising Trilingual Child. Visit her website next!

I hope you will enjoy our virtual conversation!