Book Review | “Bilingual Life and Reality,” by François Grosjean

This is one of my favorite books about bilingualism. It's a relatively new book, published in 2010 by the Harvard University Press. The book is about two hundred and fifty pages long, and it's very easy to read. Much of the information in the book comes from academic studies, but the text is simple enough that you don't need a background in linguistics to understand it. There are two main sections … [Read more...]

Travelling With Kids | A Part of Vlogging Telephone by Multicultural Kids Blogs

We like to travel as a family. We had all sort of trips: from 1 day long to 5 month long. In terms of language immersion nothing beats a trip to the homeland of your minority language. But local trips can also bring a tremendous value to your child's language. Simply because he or she gets unlimited access to you, a provider of a minority language. That's what I discovered when last summer we took a road … [Read more...]

Three Languages Too Much For a Baby?

This is the question that came from our reader! I made a video to answer it. Question: Hi Olena!  We have a 6 month old boy. I'm Portuguese and father Belgium from the dutch part. So we speak Portuguese at home ( me with baby, me with papa) and dutch (papa with baby). In October baby will start the creche {daycare} in french. Isn't it to much in a row? Should we be afraid he will lose one of the … [Read more...]

Why I Wasn’t Excited When My Child Spoke Her First Words

Children all develop at different paces, but in general you can expect the first words to start arriving at about 12 to 18 months old.These are generally repetitions of sounds that the baby has heard many times before. But when she says it for the first time, parents become as exited as they can be: they clap hands, exclaim words of encouragement, tell everyone around about it, share it on Facebook etc. … [Read more...]