Rita Rosenback | Mother Of Two Adult Bilingual Daughters And Language Expert Shares Her Bilingual Journey| Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

Is it really realistic to raise multilingual children? Is it even possible? How does one begin to do it? Rita Rosenback may just have all of the answers for us. Not only is she a parent to two multi-lingual children but she is also an actual language expert. Rita is multi-lingual herself- knowing how to speak English, Swedish, Finnish and German. Besides that Rita has had a long list of careers … [Read more...]

Benefits of Bilingualism | Brain Development

A lot of the old misconceptions about bilingualism are starting to fade. People are finally realizing that learning two (or more) languages won't confuse children or adults. The opposite is actually true: studying multiple languages is good for developing brains. But did you know that it affects the real, physical structure of your brain? It's true! When you learn a second language, as a child … [Read more...]

Benefits of Bilingualism | Reduced Risk of Dementia

Something very important for parents to know: not only are there no downsides to raising a child bilingual, there are also real, measurable benefits for their minds and their health. The more research scientists do on bilingualism, the more they reveal that it helps develop a strong, healthier brain. One of the most striking benefits sounds almost too good to be true: a significantly delayed onset of … [Read more...]

Benefits of Bilingualism | Language Recognition Skills

It stands to reason that bilingualism strengthens the language centers in the brain. That shouldn't be a surprise! But there are some interesting -- and useful -- side effects. These develop passively as a result of being exposed to multiple languages. They are not instructed skills, but rather emerge as a natural result of brain development. One unique trait of bilinguals is the ability to recognize … [Read more...]

Benefits of Bilingualism for Children | Better Memory of Kids

The obvious advantages of bilingualism are related to language: the ability to travel more easily, to speak with relatives and friends from other countries, and so on. That's not all a child gets from being brought up bilingual, however. Modern science has shown that the act of learning two languages, especially in developing children, alters and strengthens other areas of the brain. That can lead to … [Read more...]

Anna McGuigauri Shares Her Experience With French Immersion Kindergarten

Immersion schools. Do they really work in teaching children a second language? Today’s podcast guest, Anna McGuigari shares her daughter’s experience with French immersion kindergarten. Anna currently resides in Canada with her daughter and husband. She speaks Russian, English and a bit of French. More than hearing about Anna and her daughter’s experience, this post will hopefully inform … [Read more...]