What I Love About My Bilingual Children

I love how my bilingual children can enjoy silence together. I love that my son thinks he can eat two ice-creams because he speaks two languages.     I love that my bilingual baby is not afraid to practice her Ukrainian gestures (fig sign means denying request) I love that my bilingual children know the language of fun.     I love that I can get beautiful smile for a photo by joking … [Read more...]

029: What Language Siblings Should Speak

Does this sound familiar? You speak your language to both of your kids, you motivate them to speak it to you, you spend a lot quality time with them but as soon as you leave the room -  they start speaking majority language to each other!  And that is exactly the problem one of our readers has. She writes: Hi, Thank you for good information on raising bilingual kids. I have a 3 and 6 year old … [Read more...]

Book Review | “Bilingual Life and Reality,” by François Grosjean

This is one of my favorite books about bilingualism. It's a relatively new book, published in 2010 by the Harvard University Press. The book is about two hundred and fifty pages long, and it's very easy to read. Much of the information in the book comes from academic studies, but the text is simple enough that you don't need a background in linguistics to understand it. There are two main sections … [Read more...]

Annabelle Humanes | One Family – Four Languages : How? | Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

On this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast, we meet Annabelle Humanes, who is the founder of the blog – Piri-Piri Lexicon. She’s a French language researcher married to a Portuguese and they reside in Germany with their daughter, LJ. The family speaks 4 languages on a daily basis with the aim to raise LJ into a young global citizen. Click here to listen to Annabelle Humanes' interview on … [Read more...]

Adam Beck | The Founder Of Bilingual Monkeys Gives Us Great Ideas On How To Raise Bilingual Children | Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

Adam Beck has a solid background in bilingualism. Not only is he the founder of Bilingualmonkeys.com - a blog dedicated to bilingualism but he also came to Japan in 1996 and taught English to bilingual children at the Hiroshima International School for many years. Adam is also a father of two bilingual children. He and his wife go by the one parent, one language system to teach their kids English and … [Read more...]

Helene Demetriades Shares Her Experience With Raising Her Toddler Son To Be Bilingual In French and Greek | Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

Raising bilingual children can come about in the most unexpected ways. Today’s podcast focuses on the experience of Helene Demetriades, a French expat and illustrator residing in Cyprus with her husband and 15-month old son Nicholas. They have been raising their toddler son to be bilingual in French and Greek. Incidentally Helene is responsible for the cute illustrations you find on this blog. … [Read more...]