Nontraditional Ways To Promote Language Learning

I've cooked meatballs thousands of times. It's a Ukrainian staple, a traditional part of our cuisine. They always turn out the same – good but nothing to brag about. But recently my friend shared with me a recipe that was, more-less similar to mine, with just a few different spices and cooking technique tweaks. The result? These meatballs turned out better than any I had ever made – so good … [Read more...]

Benefits of Bilingualism | Better Listening Skills

Bilingualism affects the development of cortical regions of the brain, particularly during early childhood. That process can create strength in other skills beyond language use, including listening comprehension. One result of lifetime bilingualism that scientists have discovered is a heightened ability to process sound, not just spoken words. Bilingual children and adolescents are likely to develop … [Read more...]


One of the sweetest memories I have about my childhood in Ukraine is celebrating Easter. We did not have any candies, egg hunt or huge baskets with oversized bunnies or filled with present. But it still was very exciting holiday because Ukrainian Easter celebrations are a beautiful melding of traditional Christian practices, folklore, and ancient pagan symbolism. Some traditions will be familiar to … [Read more...]

The Funny Part Of Being Bilingual

Some Free French Fries? This story did not happen to my family members, but I heard it happening many times to non experienced travelers from Slavic countries, including Ukraine and Russia. Little bit of linguistic explanation. French Fries in McDonalds in that part of the world is called ???????? ???, which in the exact translation to English is Potatoes Free. And the word free has nothing to do with … [Read more...]

Travelling With Kids | A Part of Vlogging Telephone by Multicultural Kids Blogs

We like to travel as a family. We had all sort of trips: from 1 day long to 5 month long. In terms of language immersion nothing beats a trip to the homeland of your minority language. But local trips can also bring a tremendous value to your child's language. Simply because he or she gets unlimited access to you, a provider of a minority language. That's what I discovered when last summer we took a road … [Read more...]

001: What Can Monolingual Family Members Do to Take Part in a Child’s Bilingualism

Listen to the audio in support of this article. I invited a very experienced monolingual parent to give us an advice! In our family I am the bilingual parent, who on the daily basis teaches kids Russian and Ukrainian, our minority languages. My husband does not speak these languages (well, he knows couple hundred words, especially useful around kids like brush teeth, time to eat and go potty:). But I … [Read more...]