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023: Ryan Cole | The Founder of Little Lexicon About Raising Two Sons With English and Czech

Ryan Cole is an American living in Prague, Czech Republic with his Czech wife and two American-Czech boys. He's the founder of the app, Little Lexicon. Little Lexicon is a website that lets your translate and share your bilingual toddler's vocabulary with friends and family. Ryan created the app … [Read More...]

024 : Jim Porter of Speekee on Finding The Right Language Teacher And Raising 2 Bilingual Kids In English And Spanish

Jim Porter is a British who lives in Spain with his wife and two bilingual children. He started teaching English in 1994 after he graduated from university in the UK. It was in 1998 when he founded a tuition agency named Talk Languages, connecting hundreds of language teachers in the London area … [Read More...]

Book Review | “Bilingual Life and Reality,” by François Grosjean

This is one of my favorite books about bilingualism. It's a relatively new book, published in 2010 by the Harvard University Press. The book is about two hundred and fifty pages long, and it's very easy to read. Much of the information in the book comes from academic studies, but the text is … [Read More...]

022: Tim Johnson On How Dual Language Books Can Help Learn A New Language

Today's guest is very interesting because it's the first time that we have an author of children's books. You might even have heard about the book - The Adventures of Bosley the Language Bear. The series of the cute bear and his adventures on the different languages. The author of this book is … [Read More...]

021: Michele Cherie | How Non-Native Speakers Can Raise Their Kids Bilingual

My guest in this podcast episode is Michele Cherie and she's the founder of Intentional Mama. She writes about making purposeful choices for culturally-rich, perfectly paced family life--with a French twist. Michele is a former French teacher who is now dedicated to raising her two children and … [Read More...]

Annabelle Humanes | One Family – Four Languages : How? | Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

On this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast, we meet Annabelle Humanes, who is the founder of the blog – Piri-Piri Lexicon. She’s a French language researcher married to a Portuguese and they reside in Germany with their daughter, LJ. The family speaks 4 languages on a daily basis with the … [Read More...]

Adam Beck | The Founder Of Bilingual Monkeys Gives Us Great Ideas On How To Raise Bilingual Children | Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

Adam Beck has a solid background in bilingualism. Not only is he the founder of Bilingualmonkeys.com - a blog dedicated to bilingualism but he also came to Japan in 1996 and taught English to bilingual children at the Hiroshima International School for many years. Adam is also a father of two … [Read More...]

Helene Demetriades Shares Her Experience With Raising Her Toddler Son To Be Bilingual In French and Greek | Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

Raising bilingual children can come about in the most unexpected ways. Today’s podcast focuses on the experience of Helene Demetriades, a French expat and illustrator residing in Cyprus with her husband and 15-month old son Nicholas. They have been raising their toddler son to be bilingual in … [Read More...]

Rita Rosenback | Mother Of Two Adult Bilingual Daughters And Language Expert Shares Her Bilingual Journey| Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast

Is it really realistic to raise multilingual children? Is it even possible? How does one begin to do it? Rita Rosenback may just have all of the answers for us. Not only is she a parent to two multi-lingual children but she is also an actual language expert. Rita is multi-lingual herself- … [Read More...]

Benefits of Bilingualism | Brain Development

A lot of the old misconceptions about bilingualism are starting to fade. People are finally realizing that learning two (or more) languages won't confuse children or adults. The opposite is actually true: studying multiple languages is good for developing brains. But did you know that it … [Read More...]