034 – Speech Pathologist Mary-Pat O’Malley On Language Development of Bilingual Children

Mary-Pat O'Malley On Language Development

Mary-Pat O’Malley is a Language and Speech Pathologist. She holds a PH degree in Linguistics in Trinity College, Ireland. She is an lecturer, author,  researcher and lover of all things to do with speech, language and communications. She has over 20 years of working with families and 14 years experience teaching in the university.

Mary-Pat  is the founder of Talk NUA. Talk Nua is for making communicating with your child easier & more meaningful. Her goal is to help parents feel skillful when speaking with their children. She lives in the gorgeous city of Galway, West of  Ireland with her husband and daughter.

In this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast:

Introduction to Mary-Pat O’Malley

Do you think bilingualism causes a delay in children?

What is a normal development of bilingual children?

Are there any signs to be aware of when it comes to your child’s speech development? What are the red flags that you should look for?

Is it normal for children to mix languages?

How to deal with stuttering in multilingual children?

Starting stress-free classes in relation to stuttering

What does the word NUA mean?

How to have meaningful conversations with your children?

How to avoid conversation killers with their children?

Preparing yourself for your child starting school

Fun and creative activities with your child for speech development

Discussion of 20 ways to love language ebook – Email Mary-Pat to get your copy!

Learning & Educational Toys


Items Mentioned:

Code-Switching vs. Borrowing in Bilingual Children

Is Your Child A Late Bilingual Talker?

Dr. Mary Pat-O’Malley’s Background

Talk NUA

Killer Questions

Email Mary-Pat O’Malley