009: Childhood Bilingual Andrei Semenov Shares His Language Story

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In this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast, we talk with Andrei Semenov. He is from Russia but he grew up in Colorado, USA. We talk about Andrei’s family portrait, how he came to America, how he learned to speak English and Russian while growing up. The ways he learned more about cultural differences and language barriers.

We also talk about his research with the University of Colorado on “Early Child Development” and “Battle Hymn by the Tiger Mom” book by Amy Chua.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

00:36 Introduction to Andrei Semenov – childhood bilingual and fluent in Russian

1:42 How did they manage with moving to Colorado even when they cannot speak English?

2:30 Growing up in the US and studying in English speaking schools

3:11 Embarrassing part of speaking a new language

4:25 Materials and reference Andrei’s family used for minority language learning

5:30 How Andrei learned how to read in Russian

7:29 Summer trips and minority language learning in Russia with Andrei’s grandparents

8:30 Interacting with kids from Russia

11:00 Andrei’s own Russian community

12:36 Cultural Russian dishes

14:30 Discussing the research on “Early Childhood Development” with the University of Colorado

15:30 “Battle Hymn by the Tiger Mom” book by Amy Chua

18:30 Differences between bilingual and monolingual kids in relation to the research

20:00 Andrei’s Parents on the benefits of being bilingual

21:30 Using Russian in the professional world and advantage in the future

23:00 Benefits of being bilingual

24:30 Interest in bilingual and child development

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

Battle Hymn by the Tiger Mom book by Amy Chua

Why Raise a Bilingual Child? 4 Powerful Benefits

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