The “Need” To Speak The Language: A Lifelong Quest

  The door to our 100 year old kitchen swings open. My 4 year old rushes through straight to the living room. “Mama, where is my dolly?” she asks in perfect English while dumping the whole content of the toy chest on the floor. “What did you say, lil’ bunny?” I sweetly ask in Russian while chopping cabbage for borscht. “My dolly, the one with pink dress?” she continues without any effort … [Read more...]

032: Why Is It Important To Support The Mother Tongue With Renata Peskova

Renata Emilson Peskova has a doctoral degree in Bayreuth University in Bavaria, Germany. She is the Chair at the Mother Tongue Association on Bilingualism. Renata lives with her German husband in Reykjavik, Iceland and has a bilingual son, Yohan. In this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast: Teaching hello in Icelandic and Czech Renata Peskova talks about what she does Why is it important to save … [Read more...]

031: Why Your Bilingual Child Does Not Respond Back In Minority Language

Today's question is the most popular in my blogging experience. It is been asked by so many parents of different languages, family circumstances and kids' ages. But the core of the question remains the same: Why my bilingual child does not respond back in minority language. It certainly could be frustrating: you were always speaking the target language with your child and maybe he/she even spoke … [Read more...]