005: Adam Beck | The Founder Of BilingualMonkeys.com Gives Us Great Ideas On How To Raise Children Bilingual

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On this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast, we give more tips and ideas on how to raise bilingual kids.  Bilingualism is more like a journey, but you still need to set up couple destinations so if you reach them – you will be happy with your journey. My special guest is Adam Beck, founder of Bilingual Monkeys. He came to Japan in 1996 and taught English to bilingual children at Hiroshima International School for a number of years. He has two children who speak Japanese and English. His wife is Japanese and they teach their kids language with the system – One Parent, One Language.

Bilingual Monkeys offers strategies and support for busy parents seeking to raise bilingual children. It was created by Adam who has worked with hundreds of bilingual children over the past 15 years, provides practical ideas and inspiration to help meet this challenge with greater success—and have more fun in the process.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Adam Beck’s background and bilingual journey
  • His career goals and priorities
  • Teaching minority language at home
  • How to deal with bilingual teaching when one parent doesn’t understand the second language
  • Adam’s advice on bilingual parenting
  • Progression vs. Perfection on language learning
  • Child Activities that have a big impact on bilingual learning
  • The importance of reading in a child’s learning development
  • How to maintain balance in bilingual parenting and family time
  • Early Bilingual Learning for your Child
  • Consistency and Proactive Bilingual Parenting
  • Adam shares his experience as a bilingual parent in Japan
  • Life in Hiroshima and teaching language
  • Adam’s goals for raising for his kids bilingual

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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