023: Ryan Cole | The Founder of Little Lexicon About Raising Two Sons With English and Czech

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Ryan Cole is an American living in Prague, Czech Republic with his Czech wife and two American-Czech boys. He’s the founder of the app, Little Lexicon. Little Lexicon is a website that lets your translate and share your bilingual toddler’s vocabulary with friends and family.

Ryan created the app after his first child, Oliver started talking. He realized that in the very early stages of speech he was mixing both languages.

In this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast:

00:30 Introduction to Ryan Cole and Little Lexicon

01:30 Ryan on his life in Amsterdam and Czech Republic

02:20 Experience in living in Prague and the Czech culture

03:31 Discussing the local language in Prague

05:31 Ryan’s family language portrait and bilingual system for his kids

07:30 How does Ryan teach his son English?

08:54 Is it easy to buy English books in Prague?

09:49 Did Ryan plan to raise his kids bilingual?

11:30 How switching languages work for Ryan in raising his kid

14:52 How did Ryan started Little Lexicon and his idea behind it

17:52 Did Ryan observe any frustrations between the grandparents and his son?

20:45 Discussing mixing languages and correcting it

25:16 What makes the Czech language different from other languages

28:31 Ryan discussing his plans to travel for language/family support

29:44 How are the schools in Czech Republic? Will Ryan send his kids to immersion schools or Waldorf schools?

31:00 The hard part of being bilingual and taking language exams

33:51 Closing Remarks


Items mentioned in this episode:


Switching Languages

One Parent, One Language System


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