008: Lina Dickson About Beauty of Chinese and Bilingual Living

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On this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast, we talk with Lina Dickson. She’s the founder of Best4Future blog, a blog created to record Lina’s efforts to teach Chinese to her daughters and a journey to look for fun and effective ways to  bring up children bilingual. Lina Dickson graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Journalism and a Master in Commnication. She is a former  reporter, editor and assistant director in a previous life and now, a mom to her three precious daughters.

We talk about Lina’s Bilingual Story and Family Language Portrait and what made her decide to raise her daughters Bilingual. The reason why she started Chinese lessons on her blog and the challenges of raising a Bilingual kid.

Why Best4Future Blog? It was created by Lina Dickson, a mother who grew up frustrated in learning a second language in a non-native environment. It also includes lessons on the simplest Chinese words for daily usage, cultural backgrounds and stories.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover

  • 00:36 Introduction to Lina Dickson and Best4Future Blog
  • 1:55 Discussing Best4Future Blog
  • 2:20 Lina Dickson’s Bilingual Story
  • 3:40 Dealing with Frustration on Learning a Language in a none native environment
  • 6:49 Moving to the US and how Lina was able to speak English
  • 8:55 Raising her daughter Bilingual
  • 9:50 Lina’s Family Language Portrait
  • 11:30 Switching from one language to another
  • 12:30 Acquiring a language in the early age
  • 13:20 Introducing a language to her daughter even when her daughter wasn’t born yet
  • 14:40 Reasons why she started Chinese lessons on her website
  • 18:20 Importance of learning Chinese
  • 20:00 Discussing Heritage Language
  • 21:00 Language Learning Environment for Lina’s daughters
  • 26:18 Bilingual Class and her DD’s learning ability
  • 28:00 Language Literacy and Writing
  • 30:00 Language Learning and Family Development
  • 32:00 Challenges of Raising Multilingual Children

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

 Why my baby isn’t talking yet

 How babies acquire languages?

How I help my baby acquire a second language

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