007: Cordelia Newlin De Rojas | Founder Of Multilingual Mama Shares Her Tips On Bilingual Parenting and homeschooling

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On this episode of Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast, we talk with Cordelia Newlin De Rojas. She is the founder of the blog, Multilingual Mama. Cordelia is a Franco-American mother of two girls, Pacifique and Claude. Both of her daughters were born in different countries – Pacifique (New York) and Claude (Singapore).  She lives in Thailand with her daughters and her husband, who’s a Mexican.

We discuss how she was raised in a bilingual family, what she learned from traveling from a Western country to Southeast Asia, how she’s raising her daughters bilingual and her decision on homeschooling.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • 00:30 Introduction to Cordelia and her blog, Multilingual Mama
  • 1:30 Cordelia’s Family Language Portrait
  • 3:55 Growing up in a Bilingual Family – Pros and Cons
  • 7:00 What you can learn from traveling
  • 7:56 Refusing to speak French when Cordelia was a kid
  • 9:00 Learning how to speak French and studying in a French school
  • 12:00 Learning Spanish and the challenges Cordelia encountered
  • 15:11 Family Language Portrait and Language System she uses to teach her kids
  • 22:40 Homeschooling: Reasons behind the decision
  • 33:20 Challenges and Drawbacks of Homeschooling
  • 34:20 Cordelia’s thoughts on homeschool language learning
  • 37:00 Cordelia’s tips on raising Bilingual Kids
  • 39:16  Discussing when a spouse is not fluent in the minority language
  • 49:10 Cordelia’s advice for parents on kids precious first words – delayed language speaking
  • 55:00 Second Sibling Syndrome
  • 57:00 Majority Language Public Talking

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

Homeschooling on a Budget

Speech Development: Keep Calm, Your Toddler will Talk

Puppets as Linguistic Catalysts

Raising Multilingual Children


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