How To Motivate Your Child To Speak Second Language

Child's motivation to speak second language is like chain lube to your bike: it makes other parts of bilingual upbringing flow smoothly. Parents often say: If he would just understand how important it is to speak/read/write in [put your minority language here] he would be motivated to speak it! The logic here is: knowledge motivates us to take action (speak second language in our case) But … [Read more...]

034 – Speech Pathologist Mary-Pat O’Malley On Language Development of Bilingual Children

Mary-Pat O'Malley is a Language and Speech Pathologist. She holds a PH degree in Linguistics in Trinity College, Ireland. She is an lecturer, author,  researcher and lover of all things to do with speech, language and communications. She has over 20 years of working with families and 14 years experience teaching in the university. Mary-Pat  is the founder of Talk NUA. Talk Nua is for making communicating … [Read more...]

033: Book Review: “Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability” by Adam Beck

Recently I got myself a copy of Adam's Beck new book "Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability". Adam is originally from the USA and now lives with his family in Japan.  He runs exceptionally helpful blog Bilingual Monkeys. The day I started to read his book my To Do list was not accomplished at all. I could not put it down. It is so captivating, well organized and rich in stories! Adam's writing … [Read more...]

What I Love About My Bilingual Children

I love how my bilingual children can enjoy silence together. I love that my son thinks he can eat two ice-creams because he speaks two languages.     I love that my bilingual baby is not afraid to practice her Ukrainian gestures (fig sign means denying request) I love that my bilingual children know the language of fun.     I love that I can get beautiful smile for a photo by joking … [Read more...]

030: How to lead by example when raising bilingual children with Mandie Davis

Mandie Davis is the founder of Les Puces Ltd. early years classes. Les Puces is a pre-school group teaching French in a natural and accessible way. She has two daughters, Willow who is bilingual and India who is trilingual. They both learned French and German by living in those countries and being immersed in the language and culture. Neither of them had any formal lessons on language learning. In this … [Read more...]

029: What Language Siblings Should Speak

Does this sound familiar? You speak your language to both of your kids, you motivate them to speak it to you, you spend a lot quality time with them but as soon as you leave the room -  they start speaking majority language to each other!  And that is exactly the problem one of our readers has. She writes: Hi, Thank you for good information on raising bilingual kids. I have a 3 and 6 year old … [Read more...]